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How do you secure an Ursack?

I have read that once you have an Ursack you can hang it (I like this idea) OR you can tie it down and/or secure it.  In some of the articles I have read they mention that specific knots are more secure than others.  

What is the best way to secure an Ursack when you are hiking?

Open to all suggestions.


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Hi @RussellSawyer  - great question! Thanks for being bear aware!

There are two parts to your question: How to secure the food in the Ursack itself, and how to secure the Ursack to something.

Let's start with the first part: How to secure the food IN the Ursack. First, the Ursack is not smell proof, so all food and smelly items (soap, sunscreen, etc) should be placed within odor-proof bags, like these Loksak Opsaks. Bears have an incredible sense of smell, so you want to prevent them from even being aware that food is in the area. Next, you must secure the Ursack itself with an appropriate knot to prevent the bears from getting into your sack, which you can find here. 

Let's move on to the next part of your question: How to secure your Ursack to something. There are multiple reasons to secure your Ursack, including to prevent bear encounters and to protect the bears from consuming human food. Additionally, if a bear makes off with your food, even if they can't get into the Ursack, you have no food and your trip is over whether you want to be done or not. So when possible, the best way to secure an Ursack is by preforming a traditional bear hang. If you are unable to hang your food (you are above treeline, or do not have adequate trees in your area), make sure to secure your food to what you can find (around a large rock) or stake it to the ground, way far away from your campsite. 

Here is a great REI Expert Advice Article on How to Store and Hang Your Food 

Hope this helps. Happy Adventuring!


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