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How do I fit my compressed sleeping bag into the backpack compartment?


Planning my first backpacking trip for 2-3 days. I have a bishop 0 regular sleeping back with a compressed volume at 11.7liter per spec. I am using the compression sack sold together with the bag. However, it doesn't seem possible to stuff it into my Deva60 backpack compartment. I understand that 0 degree sleeping bag is probably an overkill for most people but I am extremely sensitive to cold.

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it may not be possible to fit it into that compartment, if yours has the removable internal divider, you may have to remove it and then I recommend trying to stuff the bag into the bottom. 

Many folks line the interior of the pack with something like a large trash bag for waterproofing first and then stuff the bag into the bottom. 

Stuffing fills up all the space, which a compression bag may not do.

good luck!

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I have a similar but older Gregory Baltoro 70 and the so called sleeping bag compartment is not that generous.   However I can get my compressed down Kelty lightyear 20 into it.  Generally I wrap it in a compactor bag, push one end in sideways and then squeeze the other end in.  Back in the day I was able to squeeze in a synthetic REI polar pod 20 long in its provided stuff sack into the space and ad far as I can tell its compressed volume was only about 1.2 liters smaller than your bag (10.4 vs 11.7)  Could be a different shaped compression sack would help 

I did try unhooking the divider and stuffing my Kelty lightyear 20 uncompressed from the top as @Philreedshikes suggests but I found that to be impractical.  The 650 fill sleeping bag is much too bulky particularly if carrying a bear can inside the pack.  Certainly give it a try but you may find it works better to push the compressed bag in from the top.

Definitely recommend using a compactor bag pack liner.



My meaning was to stuff from the top as well.

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In regards to fitment, it can definitely get tight with a 0 degree bag. I would recommend 2 things:

1) Put your sleeping bag in last because its the one of the first things you need when you set up camp and it fits easier if you only have stuff it in a little ways.

2)The compression sack that came with your sleeping bag may not be compressing it as much as possible. Considering buying a separate compression sack that has more straps and designed to really squeeze the bag. I would suggest getting the "TII - Stuff Sack - Size: Large" from Tennier Industries ( Please note because they largely deal with government contracts, you will have to fill out the order inquiry at the bottom of the page. I have ordered from them twice and have never had a problem. Also, if you are ordering it and don't have a mesh bag to store your sleeping bag, I would definitely order the "TII-Mesh Bag" as well. All their products are Made in the USA and are great quality from my experience.

Enjoy the trip!


@xwjiang - I have a Gregory 58L pack and an Osprey 75L pack and a 20F Nemo Tempo sleeping bag.  At first, I tried stuffing my bag into that little compartment but quickly gave up.  If I'm tenting, I just unhook the divider and push a compactor bag all the way to the bottom.  I pack my camp clothes innthe very bottom, then my sleeping bag, then anything else that needs to stay dry and roll down the compactor bag.  I put tent, food and rain gear on top of that.  If Im hammock camping, I attach the divider and put my tarp in the bottom section.  Most everything else inside the compactor bag is the same.  If I get to camp and it's raining, I dont have to open the main compartment until I have my tarp up and a dry spot to work.  End of the day though, Ive never béen able to comfortably shove a sleeping bag in there 🙂

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I agree with the other comments, but wanted to recommend you try placing the compression sack in first to your bag.  Then push your bag in to it...that might work...

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one or more gifts or other benefits from the co-op.

Thanks everyone for the great suggestions. I went into REI store and got my gears fit by the staff there. He was super helpful. We ended up using an REI compression sack that fits into the compartment like magic. He did mention not to over compress it for a prolonged time but he said should be fine for a weekend hike.