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How can I replace a rainfly for older model REI tent?

Hi there,

I'm looking to replace a damaged rain fly on my ultralight Quarter Dome T2, which is out of production now. Any thoughts as to how I can do so and how much it might cost? I didn't know if REI kept anything in the warehouse or if newer models had the same dimensions  as the old T2. 




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@pds thanks for reaching out - we're sorry to hear you're in need of a replacement rainfly for your Quarterdome T2 tent. Unfortunately, this is a tricky request because replacement rainflys are not an item that we carry and they are hard to find on their own, especially if you need a specific make/model. If you believe it's possible to repair your existing rainfly, we do recommend a company called Rainy Pass Repair, as they specialize in technical gear repair. The other 2 options we can suggest would be to use a generic tarp instead of a rainfly or to search on resale websites (like eBay) for a replacement rainfly. We hope this helps a little, and apologize we don't have an easier solution.

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@pds yep, a generic ultra lightweight tarp or sheet of some sort is going to be your best bet.

You might also see if you can buy someone's old tent and use that rain fly.

good luck

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just wondering, this topic comes up so often, it may be a good opportunity for some niche outdoor gear startup.

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I second that. I came here because I couldn't find a replacement rainfly for my Base Camp 6 I bought many years ago. The tent itself is fine; the rainfly has rotted out. It seems it's a common enough demand that it would make sense to tap into it, REI?