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Hiking Tights

Ok - I'm a girl who normally prefers to work out in workout tights or spandex - however for multi day hiking, neither seem to be very sanitary or comfortable after getting really dirty/sweaty.  Normal hiking pants are the worst (in my opinion) and I can't seem to find a good pair of tights/shorts.  What do you ladies wear and love?

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@Marshgarsh  I am in the same boat as you with this one!  I love my tights but can appreciate your concerns about comfort and the sanitary aspect.  The good news is that fitness is trending and the demand for great tights is on the rise.  More and more companies are making tights for a variety of purposes.  I'd reccommend stopping into a store so that you can try on several from different brands.  While it is true that you may not know for sure how they will perform over time, you will get a good feel for what seems most comfortable right off the bat!  I feel confident that you will be able to find the right cut and feel that you are looking for!  Hopefully we will hear from some others on what they are currently wearing and loving!

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