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Hiking Hook-Ups

No! Not THAT kind of "hook-up"!

I'm trying to get ideas on where to try & find some new hiking/backpacking partners. The only places coming to my mind right now, are:

For 'physical' places - REI (Local MSP - which is closed - in more than one way) on their local bulletin board (if they still have/do such...). Other than REI, Midwest Mountaineering is the only other physical location that I can think of as a possibility in the Twin Cities area.

For 'cyber' places - Here, of course...  On Reddit, the subs I could try are 'wilderness backpacking', 'backpacking' and/or the 'ultralite' forums. I can check out backpackinglight and sectionhiker - not sure they have any kind of forum where I could try, but???

If you have any other ideas as to where I can look/post then thank you in advance!

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Just, GET OUT THERE! I meet a lot of people looking for hiking partners ON THE TRAIL.

It seems most people's idea of "roughing it" is no room service, or they think "bushcraft" is something that happens at a women's salon, but people on the trail are usually in the same situation, always looking for others like themselves. Let's face it, not a lot of people are into hiking and camping, and that's fine, it's not for everyone. But don't let THAT stop you.

Of course, if that means going solo, I'd advise being sure you're ready for that!! As I like to say, "Only two kinds of people go solo into the wilderness, those who REALLY know what they're doing, and those who really DON'T!"


Hello @WoodsMaster!

I also live in the Twin Cities and have recently begun collecting backpacking gear in hopes of eventually being prepared to begin backpacking! I'd love to connect and explore possibilities!


Hi Pete - OK, let's see if we can make something happen. I'd prefer to get/keep in touch on another platform - would 'regular' email (mine's bohemianparrothead@hotmail) or Reddit (look for WoodyBR549) work for you? If so, hit me back & we'll see if we're near compatible.


@WoodsMasteryep, I feel it's getting harder and harder in my region to find like minded backpackers, plenty of day hikers, but not so much backpackers.

I suggest searching for Facebook groups or for backpacking groups.

I have found that there are dozens and dozens of backpacking meetup groups, with hundreds of members...but no one other than the original organizer bothers to post up trips, sad.

What's weird is, the trails aren't getting any less packed, so folks are definitely out there backpacking.

good luck

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Man! I hate it when I post a long answer, get the success it's been posted!...then it disappears.

So let's try again.

@WoodsMasteryep, I feel the exact same way.  Getting harder and harder to make new friends who actually want to backpack.

I see lots of 'friends' out there backpacking, but it seems to  indeed be difficult to fine 'new friends' for backpacking.

That said, I think there are many Facebook Groups designed to create trips, also try, which I know for a fact has hundreds of backpacking groups around the country, designed specifically to get backpackers (and many hundreds of other activities together).  Sadly, it's been my experience that, while many folks join up to the group, no so much signing up for weekend backpacking trips.

That said, the trails aren't getting any less packed, but, man, it's getting harder and harder to find hiking buds as I get older.

My philosophy on that is, backpacking is so resource intensive that it's hard to get started and stay the path (oh geez, pun), you need a weekend at least, all the stuff, long drives, etc. etc.  Whereas day hiking is much easier to accomplish.

good luck.

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