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Going Up? What's your uphill training?

2790', affectionately:

The StairMaster


There's nothing like uphill for training. Folks often have a favorite, and often have to share with others.

When I lived in Tucson's downtown I frequented a local hotspot: Tumamoc Hill, along with hundreds of my neighbors. Families pushing strollers up the somewhat easier first third, to boxers in weight vest, anklets and bracelets shadow boxing as they "jog" up the steepest parts. Heard as much Español.

The StairMaster in Ironwood Forest National Monument is my current cheerful, over-caffeinated personal trainer.

~1.5 miles, half-hour set on "1" to get to the base. 650' of vert awaits. Setting rolls quickly up to 3, then 5 before settling on 3 through the first switchback. Slight breather at -1, but directly ahead you see what awaits: Settings of 5 - 10 (100% grade, 45+°) until the top saddle, where after your steepest long "10", there's a short "1" and a final short "10" to "Push Hard - All You Got - One Last Bit - Leave It All On The Floor" and turn around to get away from the towers.

The secondary peak has perches with views 100 miles, mountains around Phoenix to others near Mexico. A week ago I saw two dozen bighorn. This time Saguaro blooms, early.

Views include two other  training hikes: Wasson Peak, Highpoint of the Tucson Mtns and Saguaro National Park West Unit, and Mt Wrightson at 9453', beacon of the Sky Islands.

StairMaster is a 3 hour tour from my gate and back. Colorado Springs has a World Famous trainer. I usually find a couple wherever I have base set up. What's yours? Can you bring the dog?


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I am curious why a humorless REI content monitor changed the title of this post. It was mostly benign with only half a spark of humor. In the future I will compose headlines more appropriate for newspapers to make sure I meet the correct protocol.

@Former community member 

Thanks for the question!

From time to time we edit the titles of posts. Typically, as in this case, we do so to help other users better understand the content in the post and to highlight the topic. This helps drive deeper engagement, illuminates a subject, and adds specificity for clarity of communication. In the end, our goal is to bring in as much conversation to a fun topic such as this one!

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

To respond to your topic: I live at the base of a hill and the payoff of getting to the top is a pretty awesome panorama of Mt. Rainier. It helps remind me that the burn in my quads will result in standing on top of the mountain again one day soon(ish). On a clear day, if I push it a bit further, I can get views of the Olympic mountains as well! It would probably benefit my fitness, however, if I wasn't being pulled up the hill by two dogs most of the time.


It's an even better view in person!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

I visited my brother in Lacey a few years ago. Mountain was out for the flight in and for most of the week in the area.

Hard for me to stay on the path sometimes. Thanks for clarification on policy. 


Now with a cup of coffee in the just described heaven 🙂 

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