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Gloves for Hiking

What gloves would you recommend to wear while hiking late winter and early spring?

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Hi @Skillbud ,

I guess it depends a lot upon your location and the conditions experienced at that locale. I personally am a big fan of my Outdoor Research Versaliner Sensor gloves.

They aren't too thick and cumbersome, and they include waterproof shell that store in a small pocket on the back of the glove.  This makes them particularly adept for a variety of conditions.

I have a pair of heavy winter ski gloves for very cold weather, and a pair of mechanics gloves for when I just need some light protection more so than warmth.

Hope this helps.

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It does depend on the location and the kind of weather you are expecting and how your extremities perform in cold or cooler weather. 

For general backpacking I like finger-less reinforced sun gloves like the Glacier Glove Ascension Bay gloves.  They are quite a tight fit and are meant for fishing. They dry fast.  REI stock some from Outdoor Research but I didn't car for the bulky "hem" on the fingers or the slippery palms. There is a full finger version that may work better

I found the GG AB gloves worked well with hiking poles in rain, hail and sun in the Sierras.  I never had cold hands.  It was technically summer and mostly pleasant during the day but there was still snow around and it was ~ freezing at night.  I had some fleece gloves along for camp which I wore once or twice.  

If it were wetter and windier, some sort to rain mitt seems like a good idea good and could be put over the top of the sun gloves or fleece gloves as the occasion demands.  There are various light weight rain mitts around.  REI make the minimalist gtx mittens and various cottage makers have their own versions.  I haven't tried any of them...seemed unnecessary and a bit pricey for my summer trip.  I am curious to try Pogies from YAMA Mountain Gear...sort of ponchos for your hands...which are available in plain and insulated.

Some people have tried industrial work gloves designed for fish processing as water proof gloves...bit of an acquired look since they are generally bright blue! 

As a worst case improvise if the weather turns unexpectedly nasty you can use plastic bags to waterproof whatever you have.