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Garmin inReach Mini Tracking Question

Just picked up a Garmin Inreach mini (great REI sale!), but the Garmin website less than clear. Can anyone tell me how I transfer logged tracking points to my Earthmate app while on a hike? Sorry if this sounds like a noob question, but I just cannot find the info that I need at Garmin.

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You have to have the Mini on, registered and the the Bluetooth connected and it just happens if the Earthmap app is paired and is active on both your phone and the mini. 

Logging points are the locally stored GPS points that the mini does not "Send" to the satellite.  You can configure the mini to just log ("Log Interval" set to a period) and not Send ("Send Interval" set to off)  Sent points go to the Garmin account and you have to pay for them.  You don't pay for Logging points.

Logging points are sync'ed with Earthmate via Bluetooth.  I have found that the mini does not always sync Logging points immediately.  I haven't figured out if it syncs the logged points via Bluetooth more frequently if it is also "Sending".  

There is a "Sync" menu item in Earthmate on the dot,dot,dot menu but it sync's with the online Garmin account via Wifi or the Phone data. There is also a "Check for Messages"  but it just forces the Mini check the satellite for Messages.  Note: You have to pay for Messages both sent and received although you can send unlimited Preset Messages (both message and recipients are preset) from the Mini as long as you have an active (ie paid for) account.

Note: "Auto Track" is a power saving mode that turns off Bluetooth and Logging.  The Mini only switches on and "Send"s its position to the Satellite on its Send period.  I'm not sure if it ever turns on Bluetooth and syncs with the Earthmate app when this mode is on.  With Bluetooth off the Earthmate app can only get points if it has Wifi and can connect to the Garmin account.

Dear @OldGuyot  OldGuyot,

Thank you for the clarification! I have been trying to get info. from Garmin for almost three days. 




Glad to have seen this, as I just got my Mini and had the same question.  Thanks.

Slight correction.  It's the "Ext Tracking" mode that is the power saving mode that turns off Bluetooth and Logging except for Sending to the satellite.

The "Auto Track" mode starts tracking when you turn on the Mini.   It will track according to the configured tracking settings.  Otherwise Tracking is off when the Mini is turned on and must be started manually.

Sorry about that...Ext Tracking is not the most memorable or meaningful of names...Send Only would seem better.

Thanks for the correction.