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Fuel canisters and the Tetons

I'm hoping for some opinions on how much fuel I need for six or seven days in the Tetons. I am trying to decide whether I need to bring two canisters. The only size available is the 220.  I am looking at the map, but that doesn't take into account the fact that I only use my stove a couple of times a year, which, by the way, is a pocket rocket 2.  nor does it take into account the bad guys never use it at that kind of altitude.  I will be making 12.5 oz two person mountain House meal in the evening, either a mountain house or oatmeal for breakfast oh, and hot cocoa likely with those meals.  I am leaning towards two because fuel is not necessary the place I want to take the chance of not having enough in hopes of saving a few ounces. it's really more question of space sense I am going by myself and my osprey Xena 70 is going to be maxed out with the bear canister.


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Speaking of first aid kits.... your kit is for you, so design it for you! Just make sure others in your group understand that and know to carry their own.


yes, yes...someone always wants to be the WEMT...that’s fine, carry what you want.


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We always carry two of the 4 oz cans.  Even if we could only get the 8 oz, we'd still carry two.  And here's why.  Once we bought a can that it turned out wasn't full so were needed that spare (and that was an 8 oz can.  Once we had a valve on the can go bad and vent the fuel so we needed that spare.  We always give the cans a good shake now when we buy so we don't run into the first issue and we don't buy it at Walmart anymore either for the same reason.  We always now take the caps off and check the valves before we buy since one time we bought two cans of fuel that had different and non compatible valves.  (The ranger at Bright Angel was furious as he had lots of campers stuck in the same situation having bought their fuel at the park store!)

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