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Food Advice: Backpacking with a Restricted Diet

My backpacking trips came to a sudden halt last year after contracting a digestive problem. I am no longer able to have gluten, eggs, dairy, and beans. The change in diet has eliminated almost all of the meals I would typically have on my trips.

Are there any brands of dehydrated foods that are cognizant of allergens in their preparation/labelling? Does anyone know any meal recipes/ideas that do not include foods of those types?

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There's a company called Heather's Choice that makes  a line of allergen-free backpacking foods. I have never tried any of them, but this may be a good place to start.

Also, there's a company called Packit Gourmet that carries a pretty wide selection of freeze-dried "groceries" so you can make your own meals -- could be a fun way to come up with some of your own favorites.. Here's a link to their grocery list:

This is great! Thanks!

I'm trying out some Heather's Choice meals this weekend.


If you're up to making your own meals, check out Backcountry Foodie. Aaron has a bunch of ultralight recipes including gluten-free and vegan.

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Hey @Justin ,

Backpacking with dietary restrictions can be a little tricky at first. I second what  @Sweet-Tater said about making your own dehydrated meals if you can. That way you are getting only what you want and can have. We have some fun Backpacking Recipes in our Co-Op Journal for inspiration! In the meantime, here are a few delicious meals whose ingredients list don’t contain gluten, eggs, dairy, or beans:

GOOD TO-GO Herbed Mushroom Risotto

GOOD TO-GO Marinara with Penne

Backpackers Pantry Mango Sticky Rice

Hope you have fun finding the ones that work best for you!


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I have made my own meals using recipes from the Dirty Gourmet and they came out great!  I also have their cookbook 🙂  The coconut curry soup is delicious!