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Find a suitable replacement rain fly for a circa 2006 Quarter Dome UL Tent

Although not designated as such, it has two side doors and is spacious enough for 2 people, so assuming it is a two person tent.  The original rain fly water proof material was compromised during storage.   Love the tent but not keen to take it on extended backpacking trips without a waterproof rain fly.   Appreciate any input into where i could find a suitable replacement rain fly.  Thanks.  REI Quarter Dome 2006 tent.jpg


2 Replies

@mawood thanks for reaching out, although we're sorry to hear that the rainfly is no longer usable on your REI tent (which appears, from the picture, to be in great shape!). Unfortunately, as you'll find in some other responses here in the community about replacement rainflys, there isn't a great solution for replacing just the rainfly of a tent. Generic tarps can work, although are certainly not ideal for fit and breathability, and although Rainy Pass is able to repair damaged rainflys, currently they aren't able to make new ones from scratch. We are really sorry we don't have a better solution at this time.

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Yes, my 2006 Quarter Dome suffered the same fate.  The rainfly became a gluey mess in storage and I had to throw it away.  My tent is also in perfect shape with the exception of the rain fly.  

At least the kids like to play in it!