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Favorite Backpacking Location: Sonora Pass

Isolation sucks!  As soon as 108 opens to Kennedy Meadows I'll isolate in the Emigrant.  

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@mpust tell us more about Emigrant, Kennedy Meadows, and Sonora Pass! What do you love about it? Any insider tips?

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

The Emigrant Wilderness borders Yosemite to the north; an extension to the Land of Fire and Ice.  I've been addicted to it since my first backpacking trip in 1970.  My favorite trail is Burst Rock from the Gianelli TH.  It follows the Emigrant Trail, which was used by numerous wagon trains.  About four miles in there is a spot where a group was caught in an early snow.  They cut branches from trees, about ten feet up, for fire wood.  The cuts are still evident.

Kennedy Meadows Resort is another TH fav.  Kennedy Lake, about eight miles in, offers amazing fishing for Browns.  Other spots throughout the wilderness contain Brook, Rainbow, and Golden trout: Goldens in the Granite Dome area.

Totally agree @mpust!

Emigrant is one of the easiest and prettiest Sierra wildernesses to isolate! I've only ever spent time up there during the buggiest parts of the year, hence the head net in the pic below. When is the best time of year in your opinion? For bugs or otherwise!



I haven't lived in CA all that long, but it was the first of the wildernesses on my list to check out and one of my favorite to go back to! I totally agree!!! Hopefully this latest storm melts off soon!

Happy trails,


At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Hi @REI-RachelL 

Skeeters burn of around late July.  Flies tend to replace them, but they aren't too bad in the Sierra.  Jungle Juice is my friend!



Hahaha! I am all about the jungle juice! I make myself a mean anti-skeeter cocktail with deet, picaridin, permetherin, and heck I'll take the natural stuff too! And that's good to know! I'm from Michigan originally, so I'm sure the flies aren't as bad as the black flies of the UP.

Thanks Mike! See you on the trail - from 6 ft away!



At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

The Sierra flies are too bad.  Meat bees can be another matter.  The Sawtooth, in Idaho, are much worse for flies.


I am appreciating your selection. good luck.