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Essential items for my son's 1st time hiking at Summit for a week?

We're working on a list of must haves for my son's trip (thanks Christmas knocking some out) ..  getting his back pack ordered tomorrow!  Any recommendations on essential items?

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Really need some specifics - where is "Summit" and what are the expected conditions?  Basically begin with the ten essentials, make sure he is versed in their proper use, and add other items as appropriate.

See elsewhere in this webside for the 10 essentials.

What do the sponsors of this trip recommend?

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As hikermor said we would need some more info.

What is the backpack?  You mentioned hiking not backpacking.  Is the backpack a day pack?  Are tents (or shelters) provided?  What else is provided?  Where is Summit?  When is the event/hiking?  How much hiking (i.e., schedule and miles)?

Are you looking at a good pair of hiking shoes or boots?  What about socks?  Do you have a good outdoors store (like REI) nearby?