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Drying Hydration Bladder DIY

After a backpacking trip we got home and started washing and drying equipment. I never found an easy way to dry water bladders if you drape them over a chair. Half the thing drys and the other half is still wet. I know you can buy drying racks for these bladders but they hang them the wrong way with the opening up. My wife used a water bottle in the opening but sometimes the top half falls over and again you still have a wet bladder. So below is a little DIY I did with a paper clip. 

1) bend out the small part of the paper clip to a 45 degree angle or less


2) twist large part of paper clip 90 degrees so the opening is on the opposing side of the 45 degree bend. Now it acts like a hook



3) next hang the paper clip on something and put the bladder connection on the small part of the paper clip (picture will be in next post)


Stuff the slide lock into opening to prop it open and the angle of the paper clip helps separate the walls of the bladder and it drys completely and much quicker. If you have a Camelbak with a threaded lid just let it hang open and it will dry out just as quickly. I know it's a tiny DIY but hope it helps someone else out!

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Use a strong potato chip bag clip and hang in upside down in the closet.  Clip the bladder at the bottom upside down and wala ....there ya have too 🙂


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Nice idea and thank you for the link!