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does anyone have experience with an Ursack?


I do a lot of backpacking in bear country and really hate carrying my bear can.  I thought about trying an Ursack and actually bought an Ursack Allmitey for our trip(s) that got cancelled last year.  Before my one year was up, I tried to pack food into it and couldn't get our normal 5 days worth in it.  I chose the Allmitey since the problem we usually have is with mice and mice can chew through the kevlar mesh of the regular Ursacks but can't chew through the fabric that lines the Allmitey.  So I was wondering if there is some trick to packing an Ursack, or is the Allmitey just hard to use due to the closure and stiffness and the non mouse resistant ones are better.  We also have and use Loksacs.  Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions would be appreciated.


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I own and use three different bear cans. I don't always use a bear can.


I've been using the ursack (large) for about 3-4yrs, and always use it except in areas where a canister is required.

I always securely fasten it to a tree, about 5' up, so a bear can't leverage his weight.

I love it and can pack 10days in it.

I don't use a liner to prevent odors.

we only hear the stories of where a bear managed to get it off a tree, where maybe they weren't tied on properly, who knows...and either crushed or rolled or carried it away, but we will never hear the stories of the ten thousand times it worked well.

you can also hear stories about the same kind of things happening to a canister.

I'd be more worried about a critter wondering into your camp during meals or before you've hung the bag

Last summer in the Teton Wilderness, 2 moose (meeses?😁) walked into camp during breakfast, I was the only one to quickly snatch up all my food, stuff the ursack and tie it to a tree, probably unnecessary, but I wasn't taking any chances.

moose 7.jpg

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There's a lot to be said about skillful use of what you choose bring into the wilderness.

Gotta know, the meese (!) had to be interested in something better than instant oatmeal.


These stories support us in our difficult times. Continue to gather and cultivate your memories.


Hey @Philreedshikes , thanks for the story and the pic.  Might I ask, what version of the Ursack do you have?

Found Myself Outside

not sure, solid white (or was), from rei, several years ago, the largest they sold, sorry, I can go pull up my past orders if that helps

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