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Current Conditions for Backpacking South Lake to North Lake Bishop

We are schedule to backpack from South Lake to North Lake end of June.  Has anyone done it recently? We would like to know the snow and/or water crossing conditions/level.

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Hi @Rameshgov - Thanks for reaching out!

From the Inyo NF site, it looks like the roads through the White Mountain Ranger District are all open. We're hopeful someone else here in the community shares their updates on the trails and river crossings, but if not, you can contact the White Mountain Ranger Station (which oversees South Lake and North Lake) at 760-873-2500. 

@Ana-hikes, do you know of any updates for this area? 

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Thank you

Check the JMT 2021 FB page, many current trip reports, also on the Sierra trail conditions FB page.

I’ll hopefully be on that same section come August 

good luck 

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As a former Wilderness Ranger in the Sierras, and a person who staffed Forest Service Visitor Centers in the Sierras, I must add one report.

We were always amazed how many people came back to complain that we didn't tell him how bad the mosquitoes were. We'd have to put up big signs saying "Warning! Lots of mosquitoes!" And still people would come back and complain that you didn't tell us that it would be THAT bad.

Snow levels are lower than normal this year and the most voracious mosquitoes are tied to snow melt. It won't be as severe as normal, but usually that's more severe than people who haven't experienced bad mosquitoes can tolerate in the month of June. To avoid mosquitoes go before June or after July.

I have a Sierra trip planning on beginning about July 20th. I will still have lots of mosquitoes, and probably smoke.

By the way, I have been on the road living outside since May 20th. I have traveled through Eastern Arizona Western New Mexico and now Northern New Mexico. I haven't seen one mosquito. I will do a 4-day backpacking trip very soon in the Pecos wilderness and I won't have to bring any bug spray with me. Imagine that.




@Former community member  you mean something like this?

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Most of the Pecos Wilderness is closing tomorrow - fire. I could see the start area on Friday. Drat. Dodgeball time - away from smoke and fire.

Good luck, remedy - finding small but good Mexican restaurants 

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Chiles Relleños


this just posted:


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Join me and @Nicole Hikesalot on an overnight on the Bishop Pass trail of the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains. We camp at a beautiful campground up in the mo...