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Curiosity 7 – What old backpacking/camping gear do you have?

I noticed that someone posted asking folks about their oldest technical climbing gear.  I don’t have any climbing gear.


I do have some older backpacking/camping gear.  I have a couple items from the 1970s.  A Boy Scouts mess kit and a Sterno Folding stove.  Both have gone on camping trips (and one backpacking trip) back in the 70’s.

I will let folks look those items up (but may find and post pictures sometime later.

So, converse on the other post about you oldest technical climbing gear.  And feel free to shout out about your old backpacking/camping gear.


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My old Boy Scout cook kit, complete with the greenish khaki cover but minus the plastic cup that didn't survive the first year or so of use.  Some clumsy oaf accidentally stomped on it.  *blush*  Used it up until the early 80's.  My old Sierra cup from the '70's.  Used that up to my last hiking trip in 2017 (yeah, haven't done any backpacking since then 😕khaki ).  External frame Kelty that I still use from time to time, when I have a big load.  Gone really light weight since then, but it still comes in handy for colder hikes when you need more stuff.  My old Timberlite (I think!) -10* bag, also from the early '70's, that I used up in Alaska.  All that and more are still packed up from our move last year, so I can't offer much in the way of pictures yet.  Oh yes, and my old Cub Scout knife, from really early 60's.  Carried that thing for decades, until we were packing and shipping stuff before we moved back down to the lower 48.  Needed to open and repack a box (of books, I think.  They're heavy, and we had/have a lot.) and accidently left it on the counter.  When we finally got back down to our destination in Illinois, I discovered that the shipping clerk found the knife, and knowing the address from all the boxes we shipped, sent it to me!  That was really impressive!  I retired it to my collection after that, since I couldn't bear the thought of losing it again. 

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I may have you all beat: I still have a good bit of my old, hand-sewn Frostline gear, including a tent, a pack for my dog, a down vest, a down sleeping bag that I swear is good for 30 below, and an assortment of crusher hats that are at least 40 years old.  Unfortunately, husband loaned out my Frostline backpack years ago and never bothered getting it back.   Got lots of little stuff too - pocket knives, hand axes, and the like.

I still miss my Frostline reversible down parka - one side loden green, the other international orange.  the loden green was perfect with my NPS  uniform (at the time, NPS cold weather gear was a bad joke) and the orange ws wonderful for SAR occasions.  It was unfortunately stolen.

I wish they were still in business - great gear!

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My wife still has a few Frostline things that she made: a down parka and a down vest. Both are still in good condition. They were a cool company.

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one or more gifts or other benefits from the co-op.