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Curiosity 6 – Cooking or cold-soaking or?

So, I was watching some VLOGs.  And, it was the first time I heard term “cold soaking.”  So, I got a bit curious.  I am not sure it (cold soaking) is for me.  And, it would likely not fly at Philmont Scout ranch.  So, most of my backpacking (with Scouting) would be flavored a bit by Philmont.  As, it would be good prep for Philmont.  And, I like a hot cup of coffee and sometimes the hot chocolate.

I also ran across an interesting tidbit on cold soaking.  Nice write-up

A Guide to Cold-Soaking Backpacking Food (Stove-less Meals) - Mom Goes Camping

  • What do folks think about cold soaking?
  • What do folks think about this hot soaking that the article mentions?
  • What do folks think about regular cooking?


10 Replies

I just can't think of a better reward at the end of a long day hiking that a hot dinner.  So why would I want cold mush instead?  Breakfasts are already 50% cold & lunches are usually 100% cold anyways!