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Curiosity 2 – Wooden gear

I have been watching a number of items on VLOGs.  And, find some of the gear being used interesting.  And, note, not all of that gear is necessarily being used on backpacking trips.  Also, I had previously asked a question about bamboo toothbrushes.  So, I thought I would ask a few questions.

I noticed that REI does sell the wooden mug mentioned below.  I didn’t see where REI sell the bamboo toothbrushes.

I will re-ask my previous question.  What do you think about bamboo toothbrushes?

What do folks think about the wooden mugs (like the Uberleben original Kuksa Mug)?

If you use this mug, do you find it too heavy or cumbersome?

What do folks think about other wooden gear?



2 Replies

I tried a bamboo toothbrush.  The bristles were much too soft to get my teeth clean.   

Wooden gear is generally too heavy and hard.  In the 1960s my parents used a baby carrier that was basically a wooden seat strapped to an external backpack frame. For my own kids I used one with a comfy paded fabric seat which may explain why the new generation is not as tough as us old folks. For a while I used to use a folding wooden camp chair, but it's also not as comfy as the folding fabric ones.

The exception might be wooden boats, which have a loyal albeit eccentric following. 


I am curious because I had not really noticed much about wooden camping gear.  I didn't really recall it in the 70s or 80s or later up to just recently.  I noticed on VLOGs the use of items like mugs, plates and cutting boards.  And, I did notice that those items seemed a bit heavier.  The bamboo toothbrush seems to actually be lighter than its plastic counterpart.

I was wondering if this was partly due to the plastics pollution issues and concerns.