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Compresion Sack for North Face Furnace 20 Sleeping Bag. Lightweight compression stuff sack. Size ?

I am planning to buy a North Face Furnace 20 Sleeping Bag (Regular Size), and I would like to buy also a Compresssion Sack. I was looking for the REI Lightweight compression stuff sack, but I am not sure about the SIZE ? (How many Liters Size should I buy for this Sleeping Bag ?)


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I always find its useful to size up for compression sacks, so I might reccomend something in the 20+ liter variety. If its too large/small one can always return it for a larger sack, or it can just be cinched down to form a more compact unit. Having a larger size also allows you to use the stuff sack with other sleeping bags you might have down the line.

Hope that helps!

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I have several of the Sea to Summit Event Dry Compression Sacks that I use almost exclusively for sleeping bags. Nothing worse than trying to go to sleep in a wet sleeping bag, they are a couple micro ounces more in weight, but totally worth it. Your probably looking in the 15-20 liter range, but if you have a store near you go in and pull one out and find a similar 20 degree tent to stuff in it.

Good Luck,


forget the compression sack.  Use a waterproof bag, such as a large tough trash bag inside your pack, then stuff the bag down into the bottom of the bag/pack, thus not only keeping it dry but using all the space in the pack.  Put the other things you want to keep dry as well in the bag, then just roll the top shut.  Everything stays dry and no wasted space.  hope this helps

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