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Cold Soaking- Going stoveless on the trail?

I've just discovered the idea of cold soaking from Darwin Onthetrail.

You basically take your typical backpackers freeze dried pantry meal, add the food to a cup of water, and let the water re hydrate the meal.  Has anyone ever tried this?  One of my favorite things about backpacking is enjoying a WARM Mountain House meal after the long day's hike.  I also thoroughly enjoy my instant coffee in the morning as I'm packing up camp.  Wondering if anyone here has tried this and recommends it....only advantage I can think of is the weight that you can shed by not having your cooking system.


Stuff/Gear I Mention in this Video **R2R2R Grand Canyon Hike with Neemor - Video -
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See "The Crotch Pot" for the "best" (or maybe the most bizarre)  "cold soak" cooking gizmo beyond the venerable "Talenti" pot.  I kid you not.


Oh. My. Goodness. That is incredibly funny, yet practical. I just watched a few videos on it. Can’t wait to share with my wife!


I have never been without my stove. I built my stove from an aluminum beer bottle and it weights next to nothing. 2 oz.. of fuel gets me almost 20 minutes of cooking time. I can get 2 meals from a 2 oz. bottle of fuel. I make my own dehydrated meals and most include some sort of pasta. I dont do cold pasta. Hehe