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Cleaning a very dirty pack

My car and I got caught by rising flood water in PA this week.  I went back and retrieved my beloved from about a foot of mud in the back.  I brought it home, dumped the ruined stuff out and have been hosing the pack off.  Is it machine washable, or should I set up a tub and hand scrub the rest of the mud and yuck out?  BTW - I love this pack. 

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We're sorry to hear that you were caught by rising flood water. It sounds like you are okay though, so that is something to be grateful for! We've had a couple of threads here in the community about cleaning backpacks. Please take a look at these for some first hand knowledge:

Additionally, we encourage you to check out this Expert Advice article, How to Wash a Backpack. Those resources should get you moving in the right direction.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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