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Choosing a "dry pack" for hiking the "wonderland trail"

I am planning to hike the "wonderland trail" with my brother.  I need to purchase a "dry pack" to hold our food and also to hang in their " bear frame hangers" so dry pack needs some kind of an attachment and needs to be waterproof. It also needs to be large enough to hold food for 4 days for 2 people.  What brand is best ?   How large does it need to be ? 


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@bigAl2 Thanks for reaching out!

What an awesome trip you have planned, Mt Rainier is a magical place! We believe what you're looking for is a 'dry bag' and they come in multiple sizes. Almost all of them have roll-top closures on the top and have some sort of loop in order to attach them to things. All of the brands we carry are high quality and will keep your food dry on your trip. We recommend using a carabiner or loop of rope to help get them hung up in the bear frame hangers. In terms of what the right size is for you, take a look at this thread started by @KenBrenner entitled 'Food bag and Clothes bag for 10-day to two week backpacking trip'. It's a little longer trip than you're planning, but the discussion in that thread is very useful and applicable.

Hopefully this helps, feel free to reach out with any other questions!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Thank you REI-JohnJ for your response.  DO YOU KNOW OF ANYONE THAT I COULD GET SOME ADVISE FROM THAT HAS HIKED THE "WONDERLAND TRAIL" in Mt. Ranier National Park.  I don't have any experience at backpacking, though I have experience at canoeing.  So I would like to talk to someone who has done the "Wonderland Trail" .  That would be so helpful !!!  Can you get me in touch with someone who has done the "Wonderland Trail" who would be willing to help me.   I do have some more questions that a person like this could help me with.  Thanks

About the dry bag.  I am looking at the Sea to Summit lightweight view 20L and the Sea to Summit lightweight 13L.   Does the regular Sea to Summit light weight come in 20L size ?  I can not see the specifics of either bag online.  Only way I can see the detail specs is to go to the compare screen.  When I do that, it does not show what kind of a closure these dry sacks have.  The other brands use a roll top closure.  Do these Sea to Summit lightweight sacks use a roll top closure?   Or do they use some other type of closure ??  The only difference I see between these bags is the size and the one has a viewing screen.   According to @KenBrenner's reply, looks like the 20L might be the right size for me.    Though I have to have a large enough one for 2 people.  I am hoping I can cache food at 2 places and if that happens the most food I will have to pack is enough for 2 people for 4 days.  I appreciate you help. Thanks

I also am wondering if I need a dry sack for our clothes??  I plan on using a osprey rook 65 which has a rain cover, but I don't think my partner's backpack has a rain cover.  Thanks


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@bigAl2 Thanks for getting back to us and thank you for making us part of your adventure!

If you are interested in a 20 liter dry sack you can find the Sea to Summit Lightweight Dry Sack - 20 Liters here. These dry sacks all have a roll-top style closure to them. There are plastic rings on each side of the buckle so when you close it you can easily attach a carabiner in order to hang it.

In terms of a dry sack for your clothes, we definitely recommend making sure you have some way to keep your clothes dry on the trail. A dry sack is a durable, reliable way to do that, however, you can also get by with a trash bag lining the inside of your backpack as well. Trash bags can tear easily, however, so you'll want to bear that in mind.

Lastly, we'll see if we can find someone who has experience with the Wonderland Trail. In the meantime, please check out the book by Tami Asars (a former REI Employee!) Hiking the Wonderland Trail. We reached out to her to see if she had some advice to share and she is currently through hiking the Colorado Divide Trail and will not be back until September!

When are you planning your hike?


At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.


Thank you for reaching out via email with some more details around your trip! We’ll respond here in the community so others can benefit from the information as well. Don’t hesitate to reach back out when/if you have more questions! Also, we encourage you to think about a free virtual outfitting appointment to speak with one of our product experts and ask any other questions you may have.

It’s hard to say why you’re unable to see the product link to the dry sack in your browser, you may need to clear your cookies, or just try typing the product number, 883364, into the search feature on and that should bring it right up for you.

At this time the Roseville store is open for curbside pickup only. You can keep an eye on their store page for updates on when they will be open for customers for in-store shopping. If you’d like, you can purchase a fuel canister for curbside pickup so you can test out your new stove. The MSR Pocket Rocket is a solid choice!

How much fuel you are going to need for a trip will depend on a lot of factors. Elevation, weather, temperature, wind, and what you are planning on eating and drinking will all have an impact. MSR states that, in ideal conditions, the Pocket Rocket will boil 2 liters of water for every ounce of fuel. If you are boiling water for two meals a day (breakfast and dinner), plus coffee in the morning and cocoa or hot cider at night, you’re looking at around 2 to 3 liters of water per day per person (assuming you’re filtering water from streams and not melting snow for your water). 3 liters per day times ten days times two people is 60 liters of water for the trip. Divide that by 2 liters of water per ounce of fuel and you will need 30 ounces of fuel, which, at 8 ounces per canister, is approximately 3.75 canisters. These numbers are pretty generous, as 3 liters of water is quite a bit for cooking for one person per day.

If the weather is going to be cold or windy (or both) that will also have a big impact on your stove and fuel performance. You can find more information in this Expert Advice article How Much Stove Fuel Do I Need For A Backpacking Trip?

You will not be able to board a plane with fuel canisters, so you will need to pick them up in Washington. You can order them for in store pick up when you arrive. On your way south from SEA-TAC airport you can stop at the Tukwila store (right near the airport by the SouthCenter mall), the Tacoma store, or the Olympia store. Bear in mind these canisters are very popular for a lot of different stoves and so we often have them stock. You may be able to just swing by one of those stores and pick some up. You can always call ahead by a few days to make sure they’re available in the size and brand you want.

Hopefully this helps, don’t hesitate to reach out with more questions!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.