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Canister fuel usage

For those wondering about "how much fuel do I need", I'll give you my last trip's stats. I use a PocketRocket2, and a 220gr Coleman canister (I believe these are 70% butane/30% propane, but I'm having trouble confirming that). The temps were generally 40-50F while I was using the stove. My elevation was all less than 1000' MSL. I heated water to not quite boiling for 8 dinners (8-16oz each), 9 breakfasts (6-12oz each), 3 desserts (4-6oz each), and approximately 136 oz for coffee/hot chocolate. I used 113 gr of fuel.

And, as always, keep in mind that YMMV.

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@OldGuyotI've never had any trouble down to around 20F by simply putting the canister in my coat for 30 min or so before supper or keeping it in my sleeping bag overnight for breakfast/coffee. But I'm looking into buying an inverted canister stove since I do a lot of backpacking when the temps hover around freezing. I have a liquid fuel stove but it's considerably heavier.

Also, on this particular trip I only had mild or no wind to contend with.