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Can I Scotch Guard my pack cover?

I have a Gregory Paragon 58 pack that has an included rain cover.  I've heard a lot of folks say that the rain covers are really not too effective and was wondering a) if Scotch Guard may make it more water proof, b) if it would help and c) if there would be a downside. 

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@nathanu the pack cover that comes with your Gregory Paragon pack is treated with a DWR coating that should work quite well for keeping your pack dry. Over time, that DWR can wear off, either through abrasion or time, and we recommend retreating the cover with the Nikwax TX Direct waterproofing solution, as this is designed with technical fabrics in mind. Hope that helps!

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@nathanu I have a Gregory 70ltr Deva and I ALWAYS spray Scotchguard on it before a hike during the rainy season (not as often otherwise). If you use Scotchguard, be sure to use the one with the GREEN label ("heavy duty").

Then again, I routinely use it on a number of items including my Mammut rain layer, my tarp, my rain hat, my sleeping bag....

sure can.  I buy this can of waterproofing spray at walmart.  I now use it to give my tent large area coverage, and I put it on my hat, but your post reminded my I can use in on pack! duh... thanks!

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