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Can I Salvage a Sleeping Pad with Split Seam?

My son and I took a trip out to the Philmont Scout Reservation with our troop. On our first night at base camp his sleeping pad split ON the seam.  We tried patching it with no luck, and had to purchase another since we were leaving for the trail in a matter of hours. Is there any way to salvage the pad with the split seam?

I would be grateful for any suggestions you can give.



2 Replies

I kind of doubt it after all, it failed on the first night of use, if i understand correctly.  Personally, I am a fan of close cell foam pads - bulky, but very foolproof and durable.  Surprisingly versatile - I once had occasion to fashion a cervical neck collar from 6inches of my pad and duct tape - worked just fine.

I spend a lot of time in cactus country and air mattresses just don't work all that well in that environment.

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Nah. Effort vs questionable results.

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