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Camp Site Luxury Items: Shoes and Chairs....What do you have and why????

I’ll start off by saying that I yearn for a solid campsite after a long day of hiking. This is probably one of the main drivers for me to go on extended backpacking trips….getting to experience a variety of really cool set ups with my gear along with stunning atmospheres the trail can provide.

I do tend to be weight conscious when on the trail, and I can achieve a 10-12 pound base weight —depending on the weather conditions- without food and water. With this said, I tend to make some weight sacrifices for luxury items while I am at camp.  One of these sacrifices is my hummingbird hammock.  Although it is only 7 ounces, it does not contribute to my sleep system and only used for relaxation purposes after a long day.  Another item I am looking to sacrifice some weight for is an ultralight pair of camp shoes.  I do enjoy getting out of my grimy trail runners and letting my feet breath, but I haven’t found a pair of camp shoes that I am completely sold on.  Below are my top 3 contenders:


Originally, I loved the idea of the Xero Genesis because of they are sum 10 ounces and their packability (they can roll up).  However, I recently discovered the HeyDude shoes.  Their website claims the total weight is FIVE OUNCES, but I find that hard to believe….5 ounces each is more realistic in my opinion.  Although HeyDude is not an outdoors company, these are close toed shoes that I can wear socks with vs. the Xero Genesis sandal. 

I am interested what other folks have to say on this topic.  Do you sacrifice weight for a camp shoe?  If so, what do you use and what do you wish you had?  ON another topic, do you also sacrifice weight for a camp chair?  I have the 7 ounce hummingbird hammock, but I have been in situations where I cannot hang it and wish I had a chair…

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I think there is a lot of variables. For me sleep and resting comfortably after a good day of hiking is #1, and I’ll take the extra weight for an exceptional pad and pillow.


KEEN has some rad Sandals (hybrid for day hiking), but OOFOS are fantastic if you want to be comfy after lots of moving. 


Hope this helps. Reach out to me if you ever want to take a trip, looking for good peeps to recharge with nature.

@Dtnegrete  Agreed. OOFOS might just be the most comfortable slides/sandals on the planet. Feels like your walking on marshmallows. Do you happen to know how much they weigh?

Superusers do not speak on behalf of REI and may have received
one or more gifts or other benefits from the co-op.

I have a nice REI camp chair, but I've become more weight conscious and no longer bring it. I opt to sit on a rock/ fallen tree or my backpack. When in bear country, my BV500 bear canister is a great seat. I used to bring cheap Walmart flip flops, but got sick of getting rocks and sand under my feet. I now opt for water shoes. Close-toed, quick dry and just as light as flips:

I do love my hammock. It is comfortable in places where comfort can be fleeting. I found it at Walmart and it was pretty cheap and only 1 lb.

And always bring a little bit of junk food. I almost never eat junk food when at home, but a little decadence between MRE's is a nice treat. Dark chocolate, snickers bar, etc.