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Bear Cans: Necessary when not required? What size for 2 people on 2 day trip?

Getting started backpacking - Was wondering if a Bear Can is really necessary if you are not in an an area where they are required.  Even if there are Bears in the area.


I am considering buying one just to help with things like mice, squirrels, racoons, etc. as I think they will be more of an issue where I will spend most of my time.



I have a futura Vario 50+10 pack and think the large bear vault will take up a majority of the packs volume.  Is the smaller version of the bear vault good for 2 people for 1-2 day trips?


Thanks for any comments


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I've had more problems over the years from chipmunks / ground squirrels than any other creature with food (take a bear can if required / recommended - there's a reason) ... so, when no bears, I fix those buggers w/ this sack - I have a rope, throw it over the limb for the night and let it sit around closed while at camp ... no more squirrels taking my food! 


Thank you all


I use a BV500 and it snuggly fits 5 days of food for me. I don't know that I'd limit myself to the BV450 though. When on shorter trips, I simply pack non-food items in the bear can as well. I also do this as my food dwindles. But of course, that depends on your goals. If you buy the 450 or other smaller canister, you may end up having to buy the larger one as you get more ambitious with your trips.