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Backpacking with a dog in the rain

I am curious how people deal with a wet dog on a backpacking trip when it rains

My dog sleeps in the tent with me. Having wet gear is one thing, having a wet dog in the tent is a challange.

I bring two  towels. The first one is to get the dog as dry as possible. The second towel serves as a barrier between the partially dry dog and my sleeping bag. The towels take up a lot of space in my pack.

I would love to know what other people do.



2 Replies

So my dog loves being in water and she will end up wet regardless of rain.

My first defense against rain is her rain jacket. I also carry lightload towels, and they are extremely small. I use them when we get in the tent and then again before bed if needed. Finally, I bring a lightweight fleece, like a cheap one from Walmart, for her to sleep on. That also helps dry her and acts as a barrier for wet fur on my quilt.

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