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Backpacking - Things you don't need but gotta take

Weekend and short term trips. What are your comfort or luxury items that you do not need but almost always take? One of my two favorites are my GSI Halulite Kettle and Snowpeak 450 cup and lid for a proper cup of tea.



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I'm almost always bringing this GSI wine bladder! It's great at keeping wine at a moderate temperature as well even when it's really hot outside.

Hate to admit it, but I love my Helinox Chair Zero.

Same here. Great way to relax at the end of the day hiking 

When on a short trip, I have a few luxuries my husband and I divy up and take.... 1) a proper book 2) UL hammock 3) butt cushion 4) pour over coffee


NOTHING BEATS LAYING IN ONE'S HAMMOCK WITH COFFEE AND A BOOK AFTER A LONG DAY OF HIKING!!!  However it does add extra lbs...  personally - worth every extra drop of sweat and extra ounce of energy.  Plus - butt cushion to sit on while eating dinner....super luxurious!

i have a 2" harmonica that i keep in my hip belt pocket in case i need to irritate my campmates 😄

I actually consider this a requirement, but many disagree with me.  My Kindle.  Used to be a good paperback, but even in it's armered waterproof case, it's about the same size and weight of a paperback.  And I can carry hundreds of books with me;  if I can get a 3g phone connection, that number goes up to 2183 as of this writing!  (That number may well go up later today.  I like to read!)

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I bring my REI Flexlite chair, which is quite a luxury at 28 ounces. Comfort around camp is important, especially as one gets older. When I tent camp I have a chair kit for my sleeping pad, but I mostly sleep in a hammock these days. The hammock itself can be used as a fairly comfy chair, but I don't cook and eat where I sleep so I need something else to sit on for meals. The Flexlite chair has the advantage of being off the ground, which makes it easier for this old guy to get up. I had to fashion some lighweight pads for the footings because otherwise they tend to sink into the ground, making the chair unstable.


It truly depends on the trip and the weather for luxury items personally. In the winter we go to the coast and if it’s going to be raining most the time we bring an extra tarp and a chair to hang out under. 

If it’s summer time, warm and we’re headed to a lake I bring shorts and a swim top plus a small towel. 

Sometimes we also go on trips for the meteor showers or aurora lights  and in that instance I bring a tri-pod for astral. I am still very much an amateur but need the practice to up my skill level.

I love having my phone to access my kindle and nook apps to read books. We prefer to hammock camp, which is nice to have an extra comfortable spot to relax after a long hike. 

One thing that is definitely not a need but it’s a must have for me is my fly fishing gear and my Bible!