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Backpacking quilts

I'm curious about people’s experience and preference on quilts for tent backpacking (not hammock). I used a 1-person quilt on the JMT in 2014 with no “sheets” and just in clothes.  I more mummy bag for me!

Especially interested in your views on: 2-person quilts, use of sheets  

my gear: Thermarest 1-person, MSR 2” pad

I used lite chord “shoelaced” in quilt loops with pad between quilt and chord to keep quilt over pad. 

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@Mark_Bfr Quilts are great and there are numerous top notch cottage manufacturers as well as  bigger name brands out there making them nowadays. I have never used a two person quilt although Max Neale did a great write up of one on his blog awhile back about the Feathered Freinds Spoonbill. As far as gear reviews go, this guy is pretty high up there especially in the climbing and ultralight backpacking world. I believe the link is


I started using a quilt last year and will not be going back ( i have anEnlightened Equipment quilt). I'm a pretty active sleeper and i really like the freedom the quilt offers. We recently purchased a Paria Backcountry quilt for my wife and she is estactic about the comfort and freedom. We dont use a sheet and instead wear a lightweight shirt and bottoms.


I recommend this bad boy! You can customize it however you like it: color, fabric type, fill power, temperature degree rating, width, length, etc.  Customizable and super light weight!