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Backpacking Lunch

Me and a few friends are about to go on a 4 day/3 night backpack across Gunsight Pass in Glacier NP.

I was personally wondering about what some of you do for lunch? I typically have jerkey and bars during small breaks on the trail, but want to switch it up during lunch. We will do the freeze dried meals for dinner. Do some of you have the freeze dried meals twice per day? Carrying sandwiches seems to be a huge pain.

Just looking for some ideas..

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Depending on the length of the backpacking trip and the mileage I do a day I like to have something else other than trailmix and salami (these are great choices as well). I usually have tortillas and almond or peanut butter packets which can be used to make nut butter sandwiches with dried bananas or jelly (in packets). Some grocery stores (Target usually has several varieties) have small cans of tune with a separate packet of ritz crackers (I like the spicy tuna). These make great lunch while backpacking as well (have it with some trial mix or dried fruit). If you want to go fancy you can get small packets of hummus and make a tortilla with hummus and a fresh cucumber 🙂 


I typically do wraps of some sort for lunches.

  • Wraps with tuna, cheese, sauce (like mayo or hot sauce packet)
  • Wraps with salami and cheese and mustard
  • Wraps with peanut butter or nutella and dried fruit
  • Wraps with chicken (packet) and nuts and mayo

You could also eat all of that on crackers, or some people carry mini-bagels.

Otherwise, I usually go with heavy snacks as everyone's mentioned.

On shorter days where you can do a longer lunch, it is nice to pull out the stove and cook a freeze-dried meal or something that takes a bit more time to throw together.

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