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Backpacking in this weird june weather

Hey everyone! So excited to be apart of this community. My BF and I just started backpacking! we live in Everett WA and just moved here we are having trouble finding spots that are not still snowed in we do not have extensive gear yet just enough to backpack 3 days max in decent weather. Does anyone have suggestion of what are some good spots right now that are warmer and not rainy to do a trip for this long weekend coming up? 

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Hi emilysouth25!

Yes, the weather in Washington and North Idaho has been on the “cool” side this year.

Drive East on I-90 to the Columbia Basin (High Desert) region of Washington State, where over 13,000 years ago an ice dam at prehistoric Lake Missoula near Clark Fork, Idaho, collapsed on repeated occasions, causing cataclysmic floods through the Columbia Basin over a span of 2,000 years. The resulting scablands, canyons and potholes lakes are a geological marvel and fishing hotspot.


Hopefully by now you've made plans for this weekend,  but anyway...

I recommend Olympic National Park. The coastal section is likely to be rainy almost any time,  so you may as well go when it's rainy! The eastern side tends to be relatively dry all summer. Best of all, it doesn't require much of a drive!

Other favorites are Goat Rocks Wilderness near Mt St Helen's, and Mt Rainier NP. Weather?  Who knows?

Have fun!