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Backpacking Advice: weight verses safety

Ok, I backpackedwhen I was a kid now I’m truck camping across the country and planning on backpacking every chance I can. My issue is weight everyone counts grams yet no one “weighs” the safety factor from cutting so much weight by eliminating things that could’ve a life saver. There are two and four legged predators, twisted ankles or knees, fast bleeding wounds... I carry a tourniquet, ace bandages, suture kit a fixed blade knife, Leatherman tool, packable saw and a pistol with me to name few things. I don’t consider getting home a luxury item, why do so many people go less prepared to save weight? My full load comes about 45 -50 lbs I’m in average shape and have a granddaughter...

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You know you're a prepper if you buy your dog emergency rations. You know you're a survivalist if you consider your dog emergency rations.


Somewhat related:

I once read about a backpacker who would put a small can of dog food at the bottom of his backpack during every trip. When asked why he would pack that along he replied that "if things go bad out there and I am in a survival situation, I'll know when I'm desperate because that dog food will look appealing."

I think the original quote used a little more colorful language but you get the idea.

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