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Avoiding the use of messy freezer bags.

Will jet boil pots scratch with the use of titanium sporks? I want to avoid the use of messy freezer bags on long backpacking trips when it's impossible to dispose of them for several days.


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@JoyceL Thanks for reaching out!

While JetBoil uses a hard anodized aluminum in their cooking pots, they do not recommend using metal utensils with their pots. From their FAQs on the JetBoil website:

"Anodizing is a process by which a layer of extremely hard aluminum oxide is applied to the surface of aluminum. This layer protects food from bare aluminum and helps protect the surface from wear. That said, even anodized surfaces eventually wear, and we recommend that you use non-metallic utensils and low-abrasion scrubbies with your Jetboil. When packing a Jetpower canister inside the cooking cup, we recommend that you dry the cup well and separate the two with a layer of cloth to prevent scratches. Keeping the fuel cap on the canister also helps reduce wear by eliminating any movement of the canister or burner base within the cooking cup."

Hopefully this helps answer the question, thanks!

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hey @JoyceL  (I guess I could be aka 'messy freezer bag dude') lol

funny, just yesterday I bagged up 10 breakfasts and 10 dinners for my upcoming backpacking trip. 

For me it's an issue of having to wash my pot after every meal or not.  And, as a bonus, when I re-package into the zippies, I save packaging volume, huge packaging volume, not to mention packaging weight, I'm using mostly MH dehydrated meals. 

And for me, I can put 10 days in my large ursack, but cannot if using the original packaging.

Also, I'm pretty lazy and prefer not to have to clean my pot after every meal, and I guess for LNT principles, one needs to eat the 'residue', not bury it or put into a fire. Plus all the purified water that would have to go into washing the pots (and drinking the grey water). (yes, I've actually watch companions doing just this)

one more thing from by JB use, and I love JB's, even using the pot adapter, the flame is so strong it is so easy to burn  or scorch whatever I'm cooking.  And I just reminded myself, that I can carry much less fuel as I'm only boiling water and not cooking.

on the flip side, I'm pretty sure my meals would be a lot tastier if I was cooking vs boiling water. (did I mention I'm lazy?)

btw, here's a little vid I did years ago, testing the JB

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if you mostly boil water if I'm going to have essentially mountain House meals to meals a day and probably some hot cocoa for 6 days how much fuel approximately do you think that will use in the Tetons?


Based upon the 8 days in Bridger, I'm quite sure a 210gr canister will do it...again only boiling water for 2 starbucksvia coffees and 1 oatmeal (+) for breakfast and 1 MH for dinner. (10 days)

Dry stuff in-between, tortillas, cheese, peanut butter, peanuts, etc.

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@Daxigait   Just an FYI, you don't have to "boil" the water unless that's your method for making it safe to drink. I only do "no cook" or "freezer bag" meals, and only boil water if I forget what I'm doing LOL.


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I just meant heating the water for the Mountain House.