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Any ideas on where to get gas canisters during the pandemic?

REI is closed and Dicks doesn’t have gas canisters in stock. Anyone know where else around the Hudson Valley in New York may have gas canisters for sale? I should check Walmart but I’m limiting my time at stores to when I definitely know the store has the product I’m looking for. 

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Well, that's a pretty broad area, but Walmart would be my next choice, next being one of the outdoor outfitters, Bass Pro, but a bit of a drive. 

Sometimes hardware stores, even grocery stores from time to time.

Or you could go with alcohol for a while.

good luck

well, look at this!  You can get it on amazon


Makes sense.  After being told I couldn't ship fuel with my first class priority resupply box, I mailed to myself on the John Muir Trail for several years, I heard then checked out, they are not banned, but they have to be shipped ground, duh.  Even the clerk at my local USPS office had to be convinced,....but finally was!

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FWIW, here's the USPS pub ref:



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It looks like Dick's Sporting Goods (a very unfortunate name) is open. I've never been there, so if true, I'll have to spend the day checking them out.


Although this doesn't currently help in NY and AK, customers can now pick up fuel canisters at local REI stores that are offering curbside pickup.

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