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After hike rituals and rewards

After backpacking trips, my partners and I love to grab a meal in whatever local town is around. Our favorite is Brunch in Louisville. I also REALLY love having something to look forward to when I get back to the car. Candy, an "iced" tea (melted or not as cold by now, depending on the temp and trip length), a change of clothes for sure. 


What are your rituals and rewards?

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Sour gummies worms for sure, and ice cream, I get ice cream at any trips I do those are the biggest rewards either after a day hike or a dayS backpacking 


On a side note: recently, I’ve started carrying a bag of large Fritos in case the weather turns to crap, turns out to be a huge morale boost for the group (only while backpacking, never at home, well, almost never)

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