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Advice on re-sealing and re-waterproofing a Quarter Dome T2 Plus

My tent is about 5 years old. At all 4 corners of the floor, the sealant is failing- there are small wax-like flakes coming off at each corner. I Assume I have to apply a sealant. What do you suggest? In addition, the loops on the door flaps of the fly that are used to hold in place the fly's door flaps when you roll up the door's flaps have come unglued. Can they be re-glued?

Thanks   Paul

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@Paulcz Thanks for reaching out!

We're sorry to hear you're having this issue with your tent. We have quite a robust amount of discussions around this very issue here in the community. Please take a look at the following discussions as they should contain the information you need:

Before you apply a sealant, you'll need to wash off the residue (either sticky, as in these other posts, or dried out and flaky, as it sounds like is your case), then let the tent dry, and then reapply a new sealant. You should do the same for the door flap pieces as well, before gluing them back on with a flexible fabric glue.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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