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Advice for planning a backpacking trip on the Finger Lake Trail in upstate New York.

I have done short backpacking trips in the past but this is my first time planning one. My friend and I are planning a 4-5 day trip on the FLT (finger lake trail). Looking for tips on how to get prepared, its a little unnerving being the one to handle the logistics when I've always been with someone who knows more. We have a tent, sleeping bags, head lamp, and looking for packs at the moment in addition to collecting some of the smaller items we need. Any tips or things you would have wanted to know before you first self planned trip? Thanks!

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I would suggest that if this gear in new to you, especially your packs, that you should first do an overnight trip involving some walking (at least five miles or so) to see how your pack and other gear  performs.  You will probably make some minor, but significant, adjustments.  is your footgear well broken in?  That is extremely critical....

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Thanks for reaching out, sounds like a fun trip!

We recently had another user reach out about planning their first multi-night backpacking trip. Perhaps @LoganTaylor can weigh in here with some advice as well. We also encourage you to check out their thread, Looking for tips and advice for my first backpacking trip. Personally, I find this Backpacking Checklist to be a very helpful guide when thinking about all the categories of items I might need. Even having several backpacking trips under my belt I find those lists to be an important tool in remembering what I need (or don't need) to bring.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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thank you! a list is super helpful, ive been trying to throw one together but its easy to miss something!