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A Little History, Please

I have been trying to research the temperature rating and other specs of the mid 1970's REI Summerlight down bag. During this search I realized that what I really want and need is a digitized and searchable collection of all the old REI catalogs we can get our hands on, as well as a digitized and searchable collection of all electronic descriptions of all products that have ever carried the REI label but may never have appeared in print in  catalog. Remember catalogs?

aka "Boonerelli"

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I do miss the catalogs that we used to get several times a year but I suppose regrettably, time and technology trudges inexorably on. Nowadays, it would take a fortune to print and mail 17M+ catalogs to each member. There really was nothing like the feel and yes, even the smell of a catalog just received in the mail. I miss the stack of catalogs on the top of the toilet tank 😀

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