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2016 Half dome 2+ restringing

I have a 2016 Half Dome 2+ and the shock cord is shot. I don't quite feel up to restringing it myself. It's time to get outside and don't want to send it out to Tent Pole Technologies and be without my backpacking tent for half the summer.  Can I bring it to my local REI (Berkeley, CA) to be restrung?

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@coastalb Thanks for reaching out!

Unfortunately, tent pole repair is not a service offered at the Berkeley store. If you're not feeling up to replacing it yourself due to knowledge or experience, we have some resources that may help. Recently, we had another user ask about how to replace the shock cord in their backpacking tent as well. You can check out the information in the post Ghost UL2 Tent Pole Shock Cord Replacement. REI's How-to Video: How to Replace The Shock Cord in a Tent Pole is also a great resource for doing it yourself.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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REI referred me to a small firm when I needed to replace my quarter dome T2 poles, cost me about $100, but what are you going to do?, I like the tent.

Don't recall the firm, but I'm sure it's on their website somewhere.

good luck

ps - if you're backpacking, get another tent, that one is WAY too heavy.

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