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What to do on the Gihute trail in Fort Mountain in GA

I have an upcoming trip to hike the Gahuti trail in Fort Mountain in GA in a few weeks.  The trail isn't terribly long but it looks like there are some nice views on clear days.  I'll be going on a Friday and Saturday night and have campsite #3 booked for the Friday and campsite #2 booked for Saturday.  My plan is to hike to an overlook (Cohutta?) that's near campsite #3 Friday and then on to the campsite (I want to get there before dark) and then hike west around the park Saturday (GAIAGPS says about 9 miles) to campsite #2.  I don't think I'll have much time to do anything on Friday (other than setup camp, cook and eat) but I've got the entire day Saturday.  Wondering if there's anyone here that's familiar with the trail / area that may have some 'must see' or ' must do' suggestions.

Both campsites look to be just over 2,000ft, so I'm taking my ham radio with me to see if I can make any contacts just in case but wasn't sure if there was anything else to do.

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