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Places to Solo Camp Near Atlanta

I came from Japan a month ago.Now I live in Atranta.

In Japan,camping is very very popular.

Especially, solo camp is most popular style.

I started to go camping a year ago. After coming Atranta , I wanna do so.If yo know recommend place where I can go solo camp, please let me know!

Sorry,I am studying English

You may not understand what I want to say....



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Letme say right away, your English is much better than my Japanese!!  I spent two weeks in Japan in 1960 while in the US Army and had a wonderful time, accomplishing a winter ascent of Fujiyama.

I am not familiar with camping in Georgia, but throughout the USA, state and national parks, as well as more local parks often have campgrounds, especially larger parks.  You can camp solo if you wish, or with a group.  Usually there is a small fee for use of the campground.  Often there are trails in larger parks with camping allowed overnight.  

I know nothing of the parks available near Atlanta, soi hope someone else can give you better information.  The current pandemic restricts access in many areas currently

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thank you 

I will look for national park where I can camp.Your information is helpful .







Thank you !!!

I would like to try climb mountain too.

In near future , I will try 

Thank you for helpful information




My Fuji climb was a memorable experience.  I started alone, having purchased an ice axe   easily in Tokyo.  It was late February-early March and only the number 5 hut was open, which I did not expect.  The hosts were helpful, courteous, and served an excellent meal.  Soon after I had gone to bed, two other guys came into the sleeping quarters.

I started out early, before dawn, and they were right with me.  We joined together, me speaking no Japanese and they speaking no English, As we walked up the trail, it gradually steepened.  As we came to a rock, I thought "It is time to put on crampons".  My companions did the same thing.  We had a nice hike to the summit and a dazzling descent through the extensive snowfield...

I have always regretted not providing my contact information so that we could possibly have gotten together again.  They were great companions.

I hope you will have similar experiences while you are here in the States....

Superusers do not speak on behalf of REI and may have received
one or more gifts or other benefits from the co-op.
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