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Is anyone familiar with Panther Creek trail in north Georgia?

I am looking at doing a solo overnight to Panther Creek Trail next month and looking for some info on the trail.  Im hoping to hike on on a Saturday, camp and them hike out Sunday.  Trying to decide if a tent (my trusty "go-to") or a hammock (very new, only used it once to camp so far).  Also, AllTrails says it's 11+/- miles (so 5.5 each way) but there's a lot of discussion about the falls being at 3.6 miles and there being 2 more miles.  Hoping to setup camp somewhat secluded bit I don't know if that would be at the falls (3.6 ish miles) or at the end.  Hoping the end (3.6 seems like a really short hike).

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Hey, so to start it’s been a little over a year since I’ve been there. I imagine not to much has changed though. There are several spots along the trail that would be suitable for tent camping. Definitely plenty of places to put up a hammock. They’re also pretty much all next to the creek itself. As far as camping at the falls goes, it’s definitely a possibility. I’ve seen people do it. Just depends on how much traffic there is on how “secluded” you could be setting up there. 

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