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Atlanta - favorite trails for hikes with toddlers

Anyone near Atlanta, what are your favorite trails to take toddlers on? We've taken them to some local parks - Rope Mill in woodstock and Leita Thompson in Roswell. Both fairly easy and not to long. Any other gems out there?

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@Ecb1 I'm not from the area, but have been to Atlanta a few times driving up from Florida. If you ever go southwest I recommend checking out Providence Canyon State Park, that is truly a hidden gem! 

Happy Adventuring! 

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@Ecb1 I like hiking Sweet Water Creek State Park. It is about 35 minutes SW of Atlanta.

@Ecb1 we love Sawnee Mountain! It's uphill 2 miles (but then also downhill 2 miles!)  so we've carried our toddler in a pack but she loves the rocks at the top. We also love Stone Mountain - there's a beautiful 5 mile trail around the mountain the goes by the lake. Our toddler loves the ducks in the lake and gets a variety of terrain with dirt to rocks, flat and uphill/downhill. You can do as much or as little of the trail as you want. We also like Cochran Shoals by the Chattahoochee. There's popular running gravel trails by the water, or you can go into the woods for more variety. 


@Ecb1 Vickery Creek, Sope Creek, East Palisades, South Peachtree Creek trail, Gold Brand Trail, Jones Bridge trail (Johns Creek side, off Barnwell Road) are all good ones for our little hikers.  We basically stay on trails that are on the water so they can play and have snack breaks.

@Ecb1 Powers Island is our usual hike with our little outdoors girl. It is about a mile and a half which is about perfect for her to hike with a break or two. The second half of the trial follows right along the Chattahoochee River so there is no short supply of ducks, geese and plenty of other wild life. Powers Island is part of the Chattahoochee NRA, there is a $5 parking fee or $40 for annual pass. Also if you are just getting started hiking with toddlers I highly recommend reading REI's hiking with toddlers article, great advice especially about giving them time to play on the trails. 

@Ecb1 The Iron Hill trail at Red Top Mountain has become one of our favorites.   It's about 3 miles, very well maintained, wide and well traveled.  You'll have to pay $5 to park (or get an annual pass) but we love it.

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