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Will REI stores be reopening on June 30th?

Hello. After reading the update from the CEO I was excited to find out the stores will possibly be opening soon. I checked the local store page for stores in my area in NC, TN, & SC. I couldn't find any info regarding the opening of stores other than this quote "May 7 thru Jun 30 While our store is closed, we are offering Curbside Pickup".

Does this mean that stores will not be opening until June 30th?

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@dylan3492 Thanks for the question!

June 30th does not mark the opening date for our stores. As you likely read in the letter from our CEO, the co-op will use four factors to determine where it can reopen customer-facing services:

  1. The co-op’s ability to ensure a set of detailed health and safety protocols
  2. Local community readiness and sentiment 
  3. Federal, state, and local guidelines and restrictions 
  4. Facility and team operational readiness

We are really eager to reengage with our customers at all stores across the country, and as soon as we are able to meet all four of these factors in the North Carolina area (and beyond), you will see us begin to offer services. Please stay tuned to our curbside pickup and local store pages for updates!


At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

I see..... Because the wording of this:

"May 7 thru Jun 30

While our store is closed"

Seems to imply that stores will be closed "May 7 thru Jun 30". If you don't mind me asking what is the reason for the reference to June 30?

Furthermore, restrictions in my state are being lifted, restrictions in SC even more so. Frugal backpacker is open for business in Greenville and has been for over a week, I will be making the trip down today to show them my support!


@dylan3492 thanks for bringing the June 30th date to our attention and giving us an opportunity to clarify. It turns out that our system does not allow us to leave that field blank so June 30th was input as a placeholder - we're working on a fix for that to try to eliminate any confusion. As @REI-JohnJ mentioned, this date does not correspond to an established opening date for any specific store. We will continue to update those store pages with the most up-to-date store information, as it becomes available.

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@REI-JenKThe info is misleading and could cause confusion as it may lead one to believe the opening date is June 30th. I was able to fix it on my end in a matter of seconds (in attached screenshot). You had mentioned in another comment "We are making daily updates to our local store pages". Wouldn't this "required placeholder" bug be an easy fix for your web development team?


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@REI-JenK  Still no update or fix for this? I check the store page daily and it is not updated ever. The only thing I see on store pages is this:

"May 7 thru - Jun 30

While our store is closed"

This strongly implies that stores will remain closed until at least June 30th. A clear answer has not been given on the meaning of this date. So I will rephrase my question. What is the reason for the date of June 30th? What significance does this date have for it to be listed on all store pages (with the exception of Montana)? Can anyone provide me with a legitimate answer for the reasoning of this June 30th date? @REI-JenK @REI-JohnJ 

Anytime anyone asks about store openings and returns they are given the default REI employee response. "We aren't allowed to share any info with our members, please check your local store page for daily updates!" This is unacceptable and misleading to your members.


@dylan3492 thanks for checking back in! As we mentioned previously, June 30th does not indicate an anticipated opening date for any of our stores and the reason the date is listed as such is a limitation in our system. The change to remove that date will occur after the conclusion of our Anniversary Sale. It is still true that the best way to stay informed about the changes we are making to stores across the country will be each store's local page and the FAQs here in the community.

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.