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Why is there an oversized shipping fee on an Aquaglide inflatable kayak?

Hi,  We are looking to purchase an inflatable kayak. We are interested in the Aquaglide Chinook 120.  Tried to order online for pick up in store. it seemed to be available but when we went to check out it said it isn't available for check out in store but we could buy it to ship to our house for an extra $35. Not really happy about this. If you can ship to my house, why can't you ship to the store and avoid the charge. I've bought inflatable boats before and they aren't THAT big. it's kind of of the point of being inflatable. 

Thinking about getting a different boat from Costco instead. The Chinook is a nice boat, but not sure we want to mess around with the extra surcharges. Also, REI has a flexible return policy if it doesn't end up being what we want, but not clear if the surcharges are refundable.



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@tedlinko thanks for reaching out with this question.

The reason you're seeing an oversized shipping charge added to your order is because the boat you're interested in purchasing is being shipped from another REI store via a 3rd party carrier (UPS, USPS, etc.). From these carriers, oversized charges are incurred based on package size, package weight, or both. In the case of an inflatable kayak, although the packages are certainly smaller than a non-inflatable boat, both the size and weight of the kayak trigger an oversized shipping fee.

Typically oversized shipping fees are not refunded in the case of a return, unless the item arrives damaged or incomplete, however this decision would be made by your local REI store team at the time of return.

We hope this information helps - and if you would like to chat with someone about your specific situation, you can always connect with our Customer Support team at 1-800-426-4840.

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