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Why is there a difference between posted store hours and actual store operating hours?

I went to my local REI store to shop during the hours posted on your website.  At the door, the employee said they actually close at an earlier time than the hours posted.  I pointed this out, but she didn't seem to care about the website.  She was not a trainee, because she has been working there a while.  Can you correct the website so it shows the actual store open times that the employees are telling customers? 

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@TrailUser oh no, we're so sorry to hear that there was a discrepancy between our posted online  hours and when our store actually closed. Could you let us know which store you visited so we can follow up specifically and clear up the discrepancy? Every once in a while, a store will close early due to something unforeseen and this isn't always able to be reflected online, however a situation like should be a rare exception and doesn't sound like what happened in this scenario. Again, we're sorry for the miscommunication and hope to hear back from you with the specific location.

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