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Why is REI not offering free shipping?

Why is REI not offering free shipping to your home! If I want to ship my item for free I have to spend $50.00. or ship it to a store!!! That’s ridiculous what if I was exposed and have to self quarantine. Or if I’m asymptomatic and have it I could spread corona to someone waiting in line to pick up my item at an REI store. I’m so disappointed!!! 

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@Solerjo thanks for reaching out with your feedback. We're sorry that shipping is only free on orders above $50. While the majority of our stores remain closed to foot traffic, we have launched curbside pickup in many of our stores around the country and you can read about our health and safety standards in relation to these processes.

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

I wish I had that option, the nearest store that’s open is 58 miles from me! 


Just a suggestion from a customer, not an REI employee.

I just recently wanted a sub $50 item and I was not anxious to go to the store to retrieve it, due to current conditions. 

I perused the web pages for a bit and located some items that I could use, so I stocked up on hydration tablets, about six months supply for me and boosted my order over the $50 limit.  I just received an e-mail that my order should arrive June 2.  That will be fine.

I usually prefer to go to my local store, 11 miles distant, and I am sure REI prefers that as well, because I always find something I can't live without, winding up spending still more.


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