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Why I Am Dumping My REI Credit Card - Love REI but not U.S. Bank

I love REI but not U.S. Bank.

Please see reference link and pass along to REI leadership.

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Very interesting!!

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Everyone should read this article—especially whoever is in charge of the REI credit card.  Please email and let him know what you think!

wow, that's pretty horrible, makes me very angry.

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Agreed. We should not so business with a company which treats people that way. REI should change banks. I will cut up my REI card if US Bank does not make things right for the terminated employees.

@RayPowell @scout-norm @Boylehp @hikermor one of the reasons we are excited about this new community is the opportunity for us to hear directly from our members. So with that said, we very much appreciate you sharing your concerns about US Bank with us here in the community. Please know that we have escalated your feedback internally and will respond here with more information as soon as possible.

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

This was 2020...  lets get on finding a new bank card please



@RayPowell @Philreedshikes @scout-norm @Boylehp @hikermor thank you, again, for bringing this to our attention. We always like to hear from our members on important topics like this, and appreciate your taking the time to contact us. We are currently in a multi-year contract with US Bank, which issues the REI credit card for those who choose it. That relationship enables us to pool money from member transactions using the REI card, and invest millions of dollars in our national forests. We recognize that some of our members may have concerns about this relationships and that, along with our own values, has prompted us to examine our relationship with financial institutions with particular attention on greater alignment on this and other related beliefs. Where banks capable of meeting our business needs do not sufficiently prioritize environmental, social and governance practices, we advocate for improvements and will explore alternatives.

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

JenK. there needs to be another option.   I do not want to do business with US BANK.   I would like more detailed information on REI agreement with USBANK and the millions invested in national forests.  National Forests are a Government commodity that is farmed and replanted.   I would really like to know the details of this relationship ..  thank you


I'd like to reboot this thread. US Bank is a terrible company for many reasons. Not only what was referenced in the article above last year, but in the way they treat their customers. They're also incredibly incompetent. On a regular, weekly basis, attempting to log into an account through their website is not possible due to "maintenance". No other credit card or bank website is under maintenance or as poorly designed as their's is. They simply do not care about their customers, at all. Please, please figure out a way to dump them and choose a bank, or better yet a credit union, that actually cares a little bit. Thanks for listening!